Big beautiful braids💁🏻



Happy FriYAY ladies😘😘

I am especially excited about this weekend off and headed to go on our annual apple picking family trip up to sky top orchards! This is seriously my favorite time of year😄 I wanted to start the weekend off with a different blog post…. A tutorial video. For those of you who have been beautified our team you know we are huge braid enthusiasts, and to be honest I get asked by at least on person at every wedding how we do it. Sooooooo here it is, a terribly amateur video with me showing you how we do our braids. I didn’t talk during purely because I hate the sound of my voice and I feel like I learn better by watching than by listening, so just a couple tips when you try this yourself.

  1. Perfection is not necessary. When you grab hair to add into a section don’t worry about clean lines.
  2. If you have layers they will more than likely come apart when you pull the braid. No worries this is why we love bobby pins and the more you pull the layers will be pulled into the braid again
  3. Don’t be scared to pull that puppy apart. Seriously. Get after it. I pull mine apart and then apart some more. The bigger the braid the better!
  4. Don’t get discouraged. For some reason braiding is one of those things that just eventually clicks. It’s movement memory where eventually your hands will just get it😁

hope you ladies have an awesome weekend!!



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