Hey everyone,

I am Megan, and this week on the blog, all of us will be sharing with you who we are, what we love, a get to know us… If you will☺️ So I will start us off.

If you know me personally then you know that I am a wife to an amazing guy, who is extremely supportive and whom without I could never undertake the task of being a business owner and mama. He is a Jesus loving, family serving husband and I love him so. *also bonus he’s the best dancer/date ever👯



I’m mom to three very tiny little sweeties, the oldest of which is 2.5 and the youngest who is 13 weeks. If you ask me I’d say they are the most beautiful children that God ever created but I know I’m biased so I’m my sons words I’ll just say their pretty “toot”




Blushing has has been an adventure for me, an outlet to improve my skill, learn some new ones, and really take on an owner/business manager roll (which I can assure you is not a strong point of mine). I definitely didn’t realize how much work it takes to start your own business and not just that but to work for yourself. I have found very easily I can consume my days with checking emails, watching tutorials, scrolling through pictures, and just staying busy. With all that being said, I can’t imagine loving my job more than I do now. The accomplishment I feel when someone feels beautiful is so overwhelming. I love this job. I love this place in life, as crazy as it seems. The mornings when I can’t seem to get anything done because my kids are fighting or the days I don’t get showers because I barely had a free second, all of this is good, and hard, and worth it.