Halloween deer makeup


Halloween deer makeup

Happy Halloween!

who has been loving Lauren Conrads “party animal” costume theme!🙋🏻 we have!!!

So after feeling inspired by her fabulous taste I decided to take a shot at it! Guys it’s so easy and a great last minute costume for anyone wanting to look cute and classy! Thing is aside from false lashes you probably already have everything in your makeup bag!!!

Here is a step by step guide to animal makeup:)

Please excuse the amateur photography and the horrible lighting!


  1. Start with a clean face and with your LIGHTEST concealer cover your eyes into the corners on the side of your nose. People it doesn’t have to be clean Mine was super messy!


2. FILL THOSE BROWS! Use a dark brown shadow and start at the bottom of your brow and draw a straight line to the edge, Then fill those babies in. They will look AMAZING and full and to be honest I’m thinking about doing this on the reg. *to much?… Also take that brown shadow and and blending brush and apply to the side of nose between the water duct and nose. *as seen in picture above.


This is what you should look like thus far. Check out those brows. They don’t have to be perfect people… Just big. I promise this will work


3. I did two steps in this picture. I applied a black gel liner along the lash line and pulled it out to create a cat eye on BOTH ends of the eye. Pulling past your water duct towards your nose. Also I applied that same light concealer in BULK to the bridge of her nose, cheecks, cupids bow, chin, and forehead



4. I blended all that concealer in and applied False Lashes. For this look the bigger the better:)


5. Get real with the bronzer people. You know in contoring how they talk about blending blending blending… DON”t you want a definite line wear bronzer and concealer meet. Also if you don’t have a bronzer you can use your brown shadow or even a darker foundation for this. Start with the hollow of the cheek (If you smile its the area below the apple of your cheeck to your outer jaw line) and Then take it to the temple and center of forehead! Get real with it people…. Don’t be scared, but also remember you can always add more!


6. Now Time to contour the nose. Take the brown shadow/bronzer/whatever your using and take it from the inner corner of your eye between your nose all the way down to the edge of your nose on both side. Still leaving a definite line of demarcation


7. Starting to look adorable righttttt….. So now your gonna take a black pencil/gel liner and rub it underneath the bottom side of your nose. After its nice and black draw a straight line through your cupids bow to your lip


8. Now fill in that upper lip with the black liner, and rub that concealer over your bottom lip


Gorgeous am I right!!!


9. Take your Concealer and with a small brush put 4-5 dots on your cheeks and forehead… Also side note I put a Highlighter all over all of the “Lighter parts of the face” just to give it that extra… shimma



10. Have the best Cutest Halloween makeup at the partay people!!!


PS. Thanks to my cutie friend and bud from Willow Floral Boutique for being a gorgeous model!!



Dust it



I’m not even kidding when I say that every single time I do hair (mine or others) I almost always use this product. IT. IS. AMAZING. Seriously. Most of my brides call it magic fairy dust, but as truthful as that is this product is not for the faint of heart💗. Therefore I have made a list of personality/hair traits of people whom like myself will love love love this product, and a list for you others… 😉


  • You definitely love product of all kinds and never fear using “to much” hairspray
  • Bigger the hair closer to God
  • You believe the term “Helmet hair” is a compliment
  • You tease your hair daily
  • You wash your hair twice a week or less (who’s judging)😳


  • You love soft, silky, touchable hair
  • Your not putting mousse, hairspray, gel, non organic/vegan shampoo or conditioner anywhere near your hair
  • You like a smooth slick sleek look and texture or messy is not in your vocabulary
  • You brush your hair daily
  • You eat quinoa, lentils, flax or chia (kidding)😜 I eat that too


For all of you haters stay tuned I have an amazing product I’m going to share with you next week. For my big hair, once a week washing, teasing ladies… You can get this “magic dust” here, or if you live in the QC right here

till next time ladies😘😘




Hey everyone,

I am Megan, and this week on the blog, all of us will be sharing with you who we are, what we love, a get to know us… If you will☺️ So I will start us off.

If you know me personally then you know that I am a wife to an amazing guy, who is extremely supportive and whom without I could never undertake the task of being a business owner and mama. He is a Jesus loving, family serving husband and I love him so. *also bonus he’s the best dancer/date ever👯



I’m mom to three very tiny little sweeties, the oldest of which is 2.5 and the youngest who is 13 weeks. If you ask me I’d say they are the most beautiful children that God ever created but I know I’m biased so I’m my sons words I’ll just say their pretty “toot”




Blushing has has been an adventure for me, an outlet to improve my skill, learn some new ones, and really take on an owner/business manager roll (which I can assure you is not a strong point of mine). I definitely didn’t realize how much work it takes to start your own business and not just that but to work for yourself. I have found very easily I can consume my days with checking emails, watching tutorials, scrolling through pictures, and just staying busy. With all that being said, I can’t imagine loving my job more than I do now. The accomplishment I feel when someone feels beautiful is so overwhelming. I love this job. I love this place in life, as crazy as it seems. The mornings when I can’t seem to get anything done because my kids are fighting or the days I don’t get showers because I barely had a free second, all of this is good, and hard, and worth it.







New Website & Blog

Hello Ladies!

Welcome to our brand new website and BLOG! What do you think? We are so excited to be able to share with you our work, our inspirations, and even some of our favorite tricks on here☺ We would love to know what you want to see from us, leave us a comment and we will definitely make it happen! In the meantime I’ll start our first post with a couple introductions!!

As most of you know, Blushing is not only a team of hair and makeup artists, but first and foremost a team of sisters. We are four of eleven kids from our mama (we know she cray) and dad. Before we started this company we were just sisters hanging out, primping and getting each other for our own weddings.  Megan was a stylist at New creations Salon turned stay at home mama, Rachel a wife and student, Jackie a student (now teacher) and Emily a newlywed and hairstylist at New Creations. We are so very different but have one common interest… Making things pretty☺

We are so so very excited for where this journey has taken us already and to see where else it will go! We can’t to share it all with you


The Blushing Team

These Fab photos were taken by the awesome sister duo over at You Make Me Shutter