What’s in our kit….

Hello ladies💋

We get asked a lot what kind of makeup we keep in our kit. The answer…. A freakin lot. One of the best things about owning a hair and makeup company is that it’s definitely a necessity to “invest” in all the latest and greatest products right???😳 Thats what I tell myself at least after a mega purchase from Mac or sephora. But the fact of the matter is we have a lot of makeup. I’m not talking a caboodle full☺️ I’m talking cases full. So do we need that much? No. Do we have that much? Yes. Will we still buy more? Absolutely!!! Here are a couple of our fall favorites!image

  1. Tartlette palette: I LOVE this pallette for fall. I know its nothing new but just those warm, matte, luscious colors make me soo happy! If your looking for some definition without shimmer this is it. You can find it at sephora here 
  2. Mac Strobe Cream: YALLLLLL I LURVEEEE this moisturizer. Strobing, we’ve all heard about it, we’ve probably all watched tutorials on it. Basically its highlighting without the contouring. THIS moisturizer is so great, it highlights and gives you that extra umph of dimension before or after applying your foundation ( umph, I like that) find it here at Nordi’s with free shipping
  3. Milani Bronzer: Haters gonna hate, but this is the best bronzer under $10 out there. Seriously… if you don’t have it, get it. Especially as now its October and we all know that we’re gonna need a little bronze in our life. You can find it at your local CVS or Walgreens but if your looking online you can order it here
  4. Anastasia Brow kit: This is hands down my favorite brow kit. It matches EVERYONE, isn’t to heavy because its powder and has a killer brush included. Order here at Sephora
  5. Marc Jacobs Lip gloss: enough said. Marc Jacobs. get it. Here
  6. Kat Von D Liquid liner: This is my new favesies! I happened to pick this up when I walked into sephora and said, “Give me your best liner.. Bring it” They handed me this and I’ve never looked back! Hands down, the best liquid liner I’ve used.

For all my product loving junkie sista’s ya’ll let me know if you have any recommendations to other things we need!

Happy Fall ya’ll

Dust it



I’m not even kidding when I say that every single time I do hair (mine or others) I almost always use this product. IT. IS. AMAZING. Seriously. Most of my brides call it magic fairy dust, but as truthful as that is this product is not for the faint of heart💗. Therefore I have made a list of personality/hair traits of people whom like myself will love love love this product, and a list for you others… 😉


  • You definitely love product of all kinds and never fear using “to much” hairspray
  • Bigger the hair closer to God
  • You believe the term “Helmet hair” is a compliment
  • You tease your hair daily
  • You wash your hair twice a week or less (who’s judging)😳


  • You love soft, silky, touchable hair
  • Your not putting mousse, hairspray, gel, non organic/vegan shampoo or conditioner anywhere near your hair
  • You like a smooth slick sleek look and texture or messy is not in your vocabulary
  • You brush your hair daily
  • You eat quinoa, lentils, flax or chia (kidding)😜 I eat that too


For all of you haters stay tuned I have an amazing product I’m going to share with you next week. For my big hair, once a week washing, teasing ladies… You can get this “magic dust” here, or if you live in the QC right here

till next time ladies😘😘