New Website & Blog

Hello Ladies!

Welcome to our brand new website and BLOG! What do you think? We are so excited to be able to share with you our work, our inspirations, and even some of our favorite tricks on here☺ We would love to know what you want to see from us, leave us a comment and we will definitely make it happen! In the meantime I’ll start our first post with a couple introductions!!

As most of you know, Blushing is not only a team of hair and makeup artists, but first and foremost a team of sisters. We are four of eleven kids from our mama (we know she cray) and dad. Before we started this company we were just sisters hanging out, primping and getting each other for our own weddings.  Megan was a stylist at New creations Salon turned stay at home mama, Rachel a wife and student, Jackie a student (now teacher) and Emily a newlywed and hairstylist at New Creations. We are so very different but have one common interest… Making things pretty☺

We are so so very excited for where this journey has taken us already and to see where else it will go! We can’t to share it all with you


The Blushing Team

These Fab photos were taken by the awesome sister duo over at You Make Me Shutter